The Poisoned Chalice


The Story: It is Australia, the 1990s. In her final year of high school, Tara Deluca enjoys her privileged life on the Gold Coast before a family tragedy brings her world to a ruin. Violence and betrayal see her cast adrift and working in Club X, an exotic nightclub catering to the roughest inhabitants and lost souls of the paradise strip. Meanwhile, Heath Miller is in his last year of high school, and he is in love. Unable to unravel the dark secrets of Michelle, he sets himself on a path of destruction. While those around him lay careful plans for the future, all he knows is a hunger he can’t satisfy..

The Script: Completed at 135 pages. This script has never been submitted to an agent, entered into competition, or scanned by a registration entity. It can be read in hard copy form by direct solicitation ONLY, and transparent social media engagements are a novel method of participating in this or any other projects detailed on this site. Actors and actresses listed under ‘Looking to Attach’ are encouraged to contact the author in regards to the project, as are other entertainment personalities and entrepreneurial figures interested in becoming either a sole Producer or forming a coalition thereof.

On Location: Italy, State of New South Wales, State of Queensland, State of Southern Australia.

Looking to Attach: Robyn Fenty, Sam Worthington, Charlize Theron, Val Kilmer, Megan Fox, Geoffrey Rush, Sophia Stallone, Jackie Sannia, Lily Rose Depp, Monica Belluci, Marcus Graham, Gina Riley

Variations of ‘The Poisoned Chalice’ have been sketched out in detail, these concepts can also be explored together with a Producer when considering changes either in casting, or within a number of other creative roles.




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